Heart Connection

The heart seems to be coming up a lot this month.  Perhaps it’s because much of the world continues to be focused on collective “virus” which impacts the heart/lungs.  Maybe it’s because many of us are focused on gratitude throughout the month of November, which indeed expands the heart space.  It could even be that the heart holds more intelligence than we have ever imagined before, and more of us are starting to realize this.

According to Gregg Brayden in Human By Design, the physical body was never designed to “hold”.  It was designed to move things through, feeling and sensing, and letting go.  Take a moment here, to close the eyes, take a few breaths, and imagine how different this life experience would be if each time we experienced something, we could move it through instead of holding on or resisting…it feels radically different!  This is what “zero point” or living in the “now” is like.

Listening to a podcast this week, Barbara Max Hubbard was speaking about the evolutionary process.  She mentions how intelligent the heart is.  How all of the answers to life’s questions are accessed through the heart.  Here is a simple practice inspired by her words for connecting with the heart and the inner knowingness or intuition:

1.)  Set an intention for what you want to discover
2.)  Put your hands on the heart and withdraw awareness from the outside world and go within.  Connect with your breath and the rhythm of the physical heart
3.)  Ask yourself the question: What is my heart’s deepest desire regarding this issue?
4.)  Pause and listen for a response
5.)  Ask yourself the questions: What is my inner genius response?  What action would be most beneficial for me to take now?
6.)  Listen & take action

The receptivity of the heart and inner intuitiveness is the feminine.  The knowledge and penetrating action is the masculine.  Attuning to both creates balance.

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