Thoughts About Thoughts

Thoughts can quite literally make or break someone from the inside out.  Thoughts can lead to emotional bliss, or complete and utter emotional devastation.  The point is, our thoughts create our emotional state of being.  When thoughts are positive and vibing high, the feeling body follows and we feel good.  In turn, when thoughts are low an negative, emotions will be experienced as dense and heavy and we feel bad.

Self doubt fills the mind with negative thoughts woven tightly like a sticky spider web.  In reality, self doubt is merely a resistant manifestation of ego. Self doubt is based on the catalytic marriage of emotions and beliefs coming from past moments in our lives. The web it weaves creates an identity, which we then use to create a manifest behavior. Self doubt becomes a habitual cycle that is controlled by choice. When we indulge in self-doubt, our minds constantly criticize our every move, which can be paralyzing.

In this cycle of resistance, we begin to use language such as, “I can’t do this,” “This is too hard for me,” “I am stupid, I don’t know why I spent money on this, I should have known that I wasn’t going to be able to do this,” or “I knew I didn’t have any ability.” These are all examples of the self-talk of a self doubter, passing judgment on self and his/her process.

The following are some tips for ditching self doubt:

1.) Self doubt is a choice, which requires awareness in the present moment.  When we recognize we are doubting ourselves, we can step out of it. It is a choice to be in it. We must take responsibility for it and choose to step out of it. If I say, “Well, this is who I am,” then I am choosing to exist in the evaluator role, to accept this limiting identity and surround myself with the energy of resistance.  On the other hand, if I choose to recognize I am doubting myself and the thoughts are not based in present-moment orientation, then I can redirect my thoughts by using an affirmation like, “I can do this.”

2.)  Self doubt is an issue which involves low self-esteem.  In order to create a more positive self esteem, I have to practice things I excel at and allow myself to create positive self-talk revolving around those things.  in other words, I need to create situations, or give myself plenty of opportunities for success.

3.)  When it doubt, give it out. When I doubt myself, an easy way to turn things around is to consider (then act on) how I can be in service to others.  Instead of focusing on my Self, what I perceive I am lacking, or how I’m feeling, I do something helpful or kind for someone else. Generally, people are grateful when they receive a gesture of kindness, which allows the giver (and receiver) to experience joy.  Joy is a higher vibrational emotion or energy.

4.)  Always remember that practice makes progress.  No one on Earth is perfect.  Set an intention daily to make progress and you’ll see your progress grow, just a like a seedling.  We “feed” our seeds with our thoughts, words, and deeds.  Be mindful and live life well!

Have a wonder-filled Thursday!


Photo Credit- Ron Rumimpunu, Unsplash

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