Calming the Vagus Nerve

By now, most of you are probably familiar with the FFF or Fight, Flight, Freeze response in the body. It’s our internal alarm, which prepares the body in the event it needs to take life saving measures. Also known as the survival mechanism, the FFF activates autonomically when a danger or threat is perceived. (For more information on the FFF, please watch this video:

Most of us run into trouble when everyday stressors and the bombardment of technology, information, and data create false activations time and time again, which ultimately creates a situation whereby the FFF activation is our baseline and we constantly feel overstimulated, agitated, or irritable. Over time, false activations can contribute to symptoms of depression and anxiety. The false activations ensure our sympathetic nervous system is constantly working, denying an opportunity for the parasympathetic nervous system to initiate the “rest and digest” circuit.

The good news is, we can consciously stimulate the Vagus nerve, initiating that sense of peace and ease in the body, allowing for activation of the parasympathetic nervous system. (For more on the Vagus nerve

One of my favorite tools (which works well with acute anxiety) is The Vagus Nerve Reset and here are the steps, according to Renee Ostertag of

1.) Lay down, settle and focus your attention and awareness to the presence of your hands behind the base of your head; where your head and your skull meet.

2.) Move your eyes to the direction of 3 o’clock

3.) Maintain this posture until you: yawn, swallow, or sigh (note: depending on how stressed your nervous system is, this can take 10 seconds to 2 or 3 minutes).

(Please see Renee Ostertag’s demonstration here:

Try it and let me know about your experience!

Have a Wonder-filled Thursday!

*Photo credit:  Alejandro Pinero Amerio, Unsplash

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