Reflections from the Good Vibrations Retreat (Medicine Park, OK)

Together with my friend, Christie, I was able to give birth to a dream of hosting a retreat. We had two cabins, side by side, in the hills of Medicine Park, OK. The sun was shining, it was hot and arid, and we had a nice breeze, being at a higher elevation. Further, we were blessed with a cold front on Sunday, the wind whisking in a much cooler air. The retreat was a beautiful time of reflection, being in nature, moving our bodies, journeying, hiking, developing friendships, and even realizations that some participants had already met! I mentioned before that I am grieving. While on retreat, On the first night, learned that the same day we lost the kids’ precious teacher, my sister lost her best friend from college. So despite going through my very own roller coaster of emotion, it was a lovely, meaningful, and deeply healing weekend.

I appreciate Christie so much for sharing this dream and providing the foundation for giving it life. I appreciate all of the women who invested time and money to come and enjoy this beauty-filled sacred space. I appreciate the wind (especially Sunday morning) and the land (more on the land to come). I appreciate all of the wildlife we saw including the buffalo, prairie dogs, crawfish, earthworm, painted bunting, cardinals, bluebirds, fish, and lizards. It was the perfect medicine!

Some of my takeaways, or things I learned, from the weekend (which stem from observations, journaling insights, automatic writing, meditation, and/or my journey with cacao):

-My intention for the weekend was “joyful learning” and I definitely accomplished that
-The best of friendships supersede the space/time continuum
-Vortex energies actually bend and twist trees (so trees grow in spirals when there is a vortex nearby)
-Chanting with a group inside of a vortex is an amazing experience everyone should have at least once in their life
-I am really motivated by words of affirmation and I feel depressed after time when I hear a consistent barrage of complaints
-When beings transition from the Earth; they are okay. It’s us (or those left behind) who aren’t. Even when circumstances around a transition are traumatic, the being going through it is okay. Again, it’s those of us left back who aren’t (always).
-I realized that a lot of the grief I was experiencing was for other people. I discovered how important it is to take myself off of their grief and only accept responsibility for working through my own. Each is responsible for their own.
-I don’t have to have all the answers about everything at any given time.
-I’ve been slacking on some of my spiritual practices and need to make that a priority. Oftentimes, I will make an excuse (like, I can’t get up early and do kundalini and meditation, I’m grieving). When really, it would be easier and arguably quicker to get up do the spiritual practice and create the energy to move through the grief.
-Silence can be difficult for some people and I wonder why that is.
-Partnering can be completely smooth or bumpy, depending on how attuned people are to one another and the levels of willingness to listen versus speak.

Overall, I think a good time was had by all. Christie and I are excited and looking forward to doing it again in January so stay tuned for dates and more information! A big thanks to everyone who attended the first!

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