This weekend past, I had the absolute joy and pleasure of attending a Tantra retreat with a friend/colleague. I’d set an intention going into the retreat, to simply experience love and something new. I felt excited as we arrived and checked into this large, magnificent, cozy, raw, wooden lodge (I later learned the owner’s son completely built the place by hand, not having any experience with building or architecture, which was awe-inspiring).

Prior to the classes beginning, I was thinking about retreat. What it means and why it’s important, The conclusion I drew was that retreat allows for the time/space to leave the ordinary and enter into the non-ordinary (or extra-ordinary). When we are on retreat, we have no responsibilities. Other people are doing for us, caring for us, feeding and nourishing us. When we are on retreat we try new things; perhaps new foods, new forms of meditation, or new ways of thinking about or seeing things. We exchange perspective with others and learn about the experiences of fellow journeyers. And, if we are supremely fortunate, we enter into a sacred space together with infinite potential for growth, transformation, and magic.

It is my firm belief that everyone needs retreat. Not just once a year either, but several. As the Guru this weekend said, “Put it on your Vision Board”. Think about what you want and need, and find pictures that represent that imagery. Then take action by saving up, or making arrangements for someone to watch the kids, or researching who is hosting what, when, and where!

Here’s a little something I downloaded on the last day, as the experience was coming to a close:

I came in neat, tidy, and tame.
I left being okay with messy, natural, and wild.
I found a part of myself rooted in my own intuition,
Solid in the strength of whom I am.
There is no one on this planet who is just like me.
Yet, we are all connected through the tapestry of the ONE enigmatic LIFE.
We are of the same fiber,
Simply a variety of expression of the Creator.

I discovered I have a beautiful singing voice,
Which I set an intention to use.
I am feral.
I know no bounds;
Other than those I place upon myself either consciously or unconsciously.

I see and speak through the eyes of the heart.
Through my dreams, I create.
Storms will come and storms will pass;
Yet nothing can nor will extinguish the eternal flame
Which resides collectively and within each and every ONE of us.

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