Summer Solstice

Happy Summer Solstice! This is my favorite day of the year, as it represents the Light lengthening the day to the point where there is more daylight than night time. Symbolically, it represents illumination. (Have you seen the Schumann readings the past few days?!!)

I was on IG this morning and saw this post by a therapist I follow. It showcased sound and how impactful sound can be on our central nervous systems. For example, if we grew up in household where yelling, screaming, or door slamming was the “norm”, at present, as adults, we might find we have a sensitive startle reflex or get anxious when someone is upset or expresses anger.

She shared this sound meditation, which I love so much, I want to share it with you all. It was mentioned that just 3 minutes of this sound will reduce anxiety levels for 65% of people who listen, so give it a try and feel free to respond to me with feedback! I love hearing from y’all!

Have a wonder-filled Solstice!


*Photo Credit- Alyssa Taboda, Unsplash

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