Rooting Out Judgments & Beliefs

Wishing everyone blessings for the transition to Autumn!!  The Equinox was September 22nd and it is starting to feel like Autumn where we are!

As the leaves start to die off, and the outter landscape changes, so too, does our inner landscape rearrange as well.  Let the falling leaves be a reminder that it’s ok to let go, to let things which are no longer serving us die off.  We remember that the dying off is merely a transition state to the rebirthing of something else.

Speaking of rebirthing, let’s refocus here on beliefs and judgments.  Anyone can look around (by reading social media, or watching news media, or listening to radio, or simply by observing the next time we are at the grocery store) that there is a lot happening on our beautiful planet right now.  Some things we may feel happy and excited about, some we may feel more concerned and worried about.  I’m not sure there has ever been a more important time in recent history to remember that everything is not always as it appears.  We live in a multidimensional reality.  There are layers upon layers of subspace, in which spiritual forces are at work or at play (depending on our perception of reality)!

Two of the most important factors in determining our perception of reality are our judgments and beliefs.  New breakthroughs in science are showing that our thoughts are important; they create our reality.  (For more information on the science, check out Gregg Brayden’s work and/or the HeartMath Institute).  Our mind is the builder.  What we think about, we bring about.

When we have an unfocused or untrained mind, our mind becomes riddled (or at times overcome) with thoughts.  Some of us even have trouble sleeping at night, because we feel we cannot “turn it off”.  Thoughts filter in (most of these thoughts are cognitive distortions and are neither valid, nor important), bombarding our conscious minds, preoccupying our precious time and energy.  We ruminate and catastrophize about that which we cannot control.

On the other hand, a mind of uncertainty keeps us actively engaged with the realm of possibility; this is the place of creation.  When our thoughts become attached or cling to any beliefs or judgments, we create constructs which prevent us from accessing all that is possible.  In other words, it narrows our focus, and thus our ability to co-create.  In society today, it seems perfectly evident that the more we are judging or believing in one thing or another, the more we narrow our focus on that, to the exclusion of everything else.  We could be better served by maintaining an openness of mind and thought.

In order to maintain an openness of mind and thought, it is imperative to liberate our minds from those constructs or attachments which are not serving us.  We can meditate, which over times helps us to clear our minds, focus on what’s important, and be an active and awake participant in the co-creative process.  We can also actively learn to let go of judgments and beliefs which serve as tethers and prevent us from being completely open to all that’s possible.

The following is an exercise I found in The Right Use of Will , which I often teach clients who struggle with thoughts and beliefs that are holding them back.  For this exercise, you will need a sheet of paper or a notebook and a writing utensil.  Sit down, take a few deep, cleansing breaths.  Set an intention to understand the judgments and beliefs you have been clinging to, which you would now like to get to the root of and release for your Highest and Best Good.

Then use the following format to identify the disturbing judgments and beliefs:

I forgive myself for judging that….
(Then add a reconceptulization or state I no longer judge…)
I forgive myself for believing that…
(Then add a reconceptualization or state I no longer believe or even better I now believe or I now realize…)

So for example, the paper may look something like this:

I forgive myself for judging myself as “wrong” for letting go of this friendship.
This friendship no longer feels balanced and it’s ok to let it go.
I forgive myself for believing I have to be friends with everyone to be a “good” person.
I know that my goodness is reflected in most that I do, say, and think.  It’s ok to be “good” to myself too.  It’s also ok to make mistakes and learn from them.

I forgive myself for judging my body as overweight or slovenly.
This body was Divinely created with me in Mind.  It’s strong and powerful and soft at the same time.  My body is serving me well as it is.
I forgive myself for believing I need to feel shame about my body and compare it with perhaps unrealistic images I see. I accept myself as I AM.  I know that I am so much more than my body and this body enables me to have this beautiful experience on Earth.  It won’t last forever, so I need to take care of it to the best of my ability, first and foremost by loving it!

When you feel like there is nothing left to write, you will read over the list again to yourself (outloud if possible), nightly. 

In doing this exercise myself, I found I would sit with one list for a while, then more judgments and beliefs would emerge, so I would craft a new list.  I would then work with that one until the next set came to mind.  

It’s much like the process of working through the layers of an artichoke.  On the outside, there may be layers upon layers of “spiney”, rough material to get through.  In the center is the delectable part, the heart.  That center is where the Truth of who we are exists.  The layers are representative of the programming we received, our experiences, and the aspects of our “false selves” which we instinctively put forward to protect ourselves.

May this exercise help to liberate our Minds and set our Souls free!

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