E.F.T. stands for Emotional Freedom Technique and is an evidence-based, easy, self-directed, alternative means to restore balance to the body, by decreasing physical and emotional pain. It’s also known as “Tapping” or “Psychological Acupressure”. Like Acupressure, E.F.T. stimulates the meridian points, or energy centers, to re-balance the body’s energy. It is believed that by restoring balance to the energy systems, the body is relieved of pain, which is caused by an underlying negative experience, belief, or emotional state.

Originating in Eastern medicine, meridian points are thought of as areas of the body where energy flows. These energetic pathways help to sustain balanced energy flow which results in the body’s ability to maintain proper health and wellness. It is believed that imbalance directly influences dis-ease or illness in the body.

Tapping is believed to help us access the body’s energy, through stimulation, which sends signals to the part of the brain activating the parasympathetic nervous system. This activation creates a feeling of calm and diminishes stress. Ultimately it is the restoration of balance which restores harmony to the disrupted energy system and brings relief.

E.F.T. was developed by Gary Craig and though it is still be researched, it is successful in treating people with anxiety, addiction, anger, depression, OCD, weight loss, stress, eating disorders, insomnia, and PTSD

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