Heart Connection

The heart seems to be coming up a lot this month.  Perhaps it's because much of the world continues to be focused on collective "virus" which impacts the heart/lungs.  Maybe it's because many of us are focused on gratitude throughout the month of November, which indeed expands the heart space.  It could even be that the heart holds more intelligence...[ read more ]

Presence of Mind

Nearly everyone I see these days is complaining of an overactive mind.  They seek ways to reduce the anxiety it causes.  I recall once reading that humans cannot go without food (or will perish) for three weeks, water for three days, breath for three minutes, but thinking- three seconds. Chew on that.  The mind is bringing up a thought every three...[ read more ]

Serving Self to Serve Others

People pleasing is a theme that's coming up and causing quite a stir this week.  People pleasing is the idea that one person has to bend to the Will of another in other to keep the other person happy, content, quiet, satiated, etc.  Most of the time this is an unspoken, unwritten rule in relationships.  In other words, person 1 isn't saying...[ read more ]

Ego State/Parts

  Ego States/Parts is an interesting subject which has been coming up quite a bit with clients this week, so naturally, I thought it might be helpful to write about it. Most people are aware humans have two main (inner) parts: Spirit and Ego.  Many liken the seemingly separate voices to the archetypal angel and devil sitting on opposing shoulders,...[ read more ]

Letting Go of Regret

Everyone having a life on Earth experiences regret at some point in time, for something they did, or didn't do.  Regret, as an energy, keeps us paralyzed and unable to move forward (think freeze mode in the FFF).  It leads to rumination, where the mind thinks about the situation over and over again, wasting countless hours of time and energy...[ read more ]

Getting Out of a Rut

I always know I'm in some sort of a rut when I'm not writing.  Writing is my passion.  I do some of my best and deepest processing through writing, whether it be in my personal journal, through my blog, or writing these newsletters. Being in a rut and not doing what makes our heart and soul feel alive, can keep us...[ read more ]

Not Good Enough

Many of us have experienced this thought about ourselves at one time or another.  Anyone who has ever failed a test, disappointed someone in a relationship, “sinned” according to religious dogma, received a speeding ticket, or made a mistake has likely had this thought cross their mind. While many people can adaptively process this thought in the brain through a...[ read more ]

Dark Man Archetype: From Nightmare to Initiation

Carl Jung once said of dreams, "They do not deceive, they do not lie, they do not distort nor disguise...They are invariably seeking to express something that the ego does not know and does not understand." I have been a dreamer all of my life.  From the time of early childhood, I can recall both sleep dreams and day dreams...[ read more ]

Insights from Celestine Prophecy

  I have a voracious appetite for reading and a sincere love of books, learning, and research.  When I have extra time, I can be found laying in a hammock in my front or back yard, between two trees, book in hand.  I enjoy writing as well and have kept a journal semi-consistently since college.  I (half) joke with one...[ read more ]

Journey with Cacao

  There are many both traditional, and untraditional paths to healing and personal growth/development. Recently, a good friend and I traveled to Denver for some R&R.  We were looking for experiences where we could connect with our joy.  I definitely found mine on a journey with Cacao. Cacao, yes, you're reading that right.  It's the fundamental building block to traditional...[ read more ]

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