Not Good Enough

Many of us have experienced this thought about ourselves at one time or another.  Anyone who has ever failed a test, disappointed someone in a relationship, “sinned” according to religious dogma, received a speeding ticket, or made a mistake has likely had this thought cross their mind. While many people can adaptively process this thought in the brain through a...[ read more ]

Dark Man Archetype: From Nightmare to Initiation

Carl Jung once said of dreams, "They do not deceive, they do not lie, they do not distort nor disguise...They are invariably seeking to express something that the ego does not know and does not understand." I have been a dreamer all of my life.  From the time of early childhood, I can recall both sleep dreams and day dreams...[ read more ]

Insights from Celestine Prophecy

  I have a voracious appetite for reading and a sincere love of books, learning, and research.  When I have extra time, I can be found laying in a hammock in my front or back yard, between two trees, book in hand.  I enjoy writing as well and have kept a journal semi-consistently since college.  I (half) joke with one...[ read more ]

Journey with Cacao

  There are many both traditional, and untraditional paths to healing and personal growth/development. Recently, a good friend and I traveled to Denver for some R&R.  We were looking for experiences where we could connect with our joy.  I definitely found mine on a journey with Cacao. Cacao, yes, you're reading that right.  It's the fundamental building block to traditional...[ read more ]

Love More, Fear Less

There is Nothing to Fear.  This is lesson 48 in A Course in Miracles.  I feel like it's an especially important message for this week, as the chaos in the macro continues to unfold. As humans, we are inundated by experiences, events, messages, situations, which cause us to fear.  When we fear past mistakes, we are living through a lens...[ read more ]

Sleep Better

  It's no big secret that sleep is one of the keys to success and happiness in life.  The average adult need 6-8 hours of solid, uninterrupted sleep, while the average teenager needs 10-12 hours (their brains are undergoing tremendous growth and development). When we are well rested, and get enough sleep, we have reserves of energy, enabling us to...[ read more ]

Mirroring v Projection

  To my knowledge, everyone on Earth has a shadow aspect.  It's a part of the human experience.  The shadow aspect is represented by the negative polarity, the yin.  It's the part of us who harbors guilt for perceived mistakes and errant ways.  It's the part we hide (hence it's the part in the shadow).  It's the part kept in...[ read more ]

Journey with Acupuncture

  I had never felt a shift like this in the vibration of my body before.  The first time I tried acupuncture, was about ten years ago.  I was on vacation with my family and someone suggested we go in for a treatment.  Curious about it, I decided to be treated.  I am happy I did! The practitioner sensed that...[ read more ]

Letting Go Through Ceremony

In modern society, it is easy to forget about or become disconnected from the natural rhythms of life.  Shiny distractions abound and unless we take conscious time and space to disconnect from technology and build an inner connection; we can feel lost, alone, and even depressed. Most people notice the seasons change, in order to dress accordingly, but many of us aren't...[ read more ]

The Dance of the Empath/Narcissist

  As an empathic person, I tend to attract empaths to my practice.  Many people who are going through the a spiritual awakening process now, identify with the term- empath.  An empath is someone who is sensitive.  We have a developed heart center and tend to be nurturing, kind-hearted, and empathetic.  We can feel what others are feeling, which can...[ read more ]

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