Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

Ketamine is currently the only legal psychedelic medicine available (in Texas) for the treatment of mental health issues. Over the past few years, more and more research is substantiating the positive results of the use of Ketamine for a variety of psychiatric disorders. Ketamine is currently a Schedule III medication that has long been safely used as an anesthetic and analgesic agent and is now being offered for treatment of depression, alcoholism, substance dependencies, PTSD and other psychiatric diagnoses as well as for existential, psychological, and spiritual crises and development.

Ketamine is described as a dissociative anesthetic, which means it contributes to a feeling or sense of disconnection from one’s ordinary reality, body, and/or thinking self. Typically, Ketamine is prescribed/administered by a physician through one of the following means: intravenous, intra muscular (IM,) intra-nasal, or sublingual (in the mouth). Because it has a cumulative effect, frequent sessions occur in the first 2-3 weeks. Medicine sessions typically last 90-120 minutes and medication wears off within 2 hours or so. Many places require clients to remain at the clinic until the medicine wears off and/or have someone who can drive them home safely. Rest and integration are recommended following a Ketamine medicine experience.

I recently went to California and went through a 50 hour training in Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy through Psychedelic Coalition for Health . I am now offering integration sessions. If you have experienced Ketamine (or any other psychedelics) and need assistance understanding and/or making sense of your experience with the medicine, I can help with that! Ketamine clinics are expanding across the country, primarily administering ketamine intravenously, and oftentimes without an integrative therapy component. The therapeutic component imperative to the healing process. People often experience life-changing thoughts, feelings, and sensations while journeying with the medicine and need help making sense of their experiences. It can be helpful to speak with a trained therapist who can assist with digesting and integrating whatever comes up.

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