9 Rites of the Munay Ki

I was first introduced to the Munay Ki in 2014, and knew immediately as I sat in sacred space, that I was destined to teach others this knowledge. These Rites completely changed my life. Through the process, I began to understand what my “core issue” (called an original wound) was and how/why it was persistently showing up in my relationships. By developing my spiritual skills and examining my beliefs and judgments, I felt empowered to make behavioral changes. These behavioral changes, for me, led to deeper connection with Self and with Spirit. It helped me to develop my intuitive skills and empowered me with practical tools for divination/connection. I have a core belief that my purpose in life is empowering other people and supporting those on the path to healing/wellness. Taking these classes is a wonderful tool for empowerment and it’s truly my pleasure to share this with you.

The word shaman translates to “he or she who knows”. Shamanism is an ancient art which has stayed consistent for millennia and is unbound by any particular form of spirituality or religious beliefs/traditions. It is rooted in the principle that the visible world is intermingled with unseen forces (energy) that influence life on this planet. Shamans, in addition to being bearers of wisdom, are devoted to diagnosing and healing human suffering- emotional, physical, spiritual. Shamans are intermediaries between the physical and spiritual realms, recognizing that all matter is energy and as such, retains information which can be utilized for healing.

The 9 Rites of the Munay Ki are a practical and potent way for in the world people to recognize their own innate potential. The 9 Rites were gifted to us by the Q’uero of the Andes in Peru. Though Andean Wisdom is eternal and arises from the same universal source of truth as all religious/esoteric teachings found throughout human culture, there are two things that standout about this lineage: The Munay Ki forms a continuous cultural thread from before the Incas to the present and is therefore unique to the Americas and it contains a pragmatic ego-spiritual healing message in this vital time during humanity’s evolution. The Munay Ki is not a religion nor a philosophy. It is a way of life, which embodies ethical, moral, and spiritual guidelines for spiritual growth, development, and evolution. This class is for those who identify as being on the path of Ascension.

The Rites are believed to accelerate the evolutionary process by transmitting ancient wisdom and knowledge through the coursework and energetic attunements. Students learn to heal themselves, which in turn assists in healing the planet. Students learn the art of shamanic journey, which can be used to attune to the highest aspect of self and/or designated healing guides which can assist throughout the process. Students learn the art of ceremony, which can be used to let go, transmute energies, or create/manifest.

The 9 Rites are as follows:

1.) Healer Rite- We are connected with the Earthkeepers, who assist us in our personal healing, in a gentle way, on an energetic level.
2.) Bands of Power- We are surrounded by five energetic bands of power, which correlate with the elements. These bands of power can be utilized for protection.
3.) Harmony Rite- We are connected with seven archetypes which work to heal various areas of the physical body and life.
4.) Seer- We are gifted a crown of light and necklace of light, which allow us to open our psychic perceptions and begin to see and connect with the unseen world.
5.) Daykeepers- We connect with sacred altars and the keepers of those altars. We learn to create our own altars and understand the power of reciprocity in Nature. When we learn a big lesson in life, the Universe responds and leaves us a token, which then holds the power (energetically) of that particular lesson. These power tokens are placed upon the mesa.
6.) Wisdomkeepers- We connect with the medicine men and women who have come before us. Together, we protect the ancient medicine teachings and share with others when appropriate.
7.) Earthkeepers- We connect with Luminous beings who are the guardians of this galaxy. They protect and guide us.
8.) Starkeepers- Through this Rite, we acquire stewardship of the time to come.
9.) Creators- We become an access point to the matrix of creation. We unbind our energy fields from time and are able to dream the world into being.

These classes are offered during the Spring each year and are offered for ten consecutive weeks. They are scheduled for 3 hours/class and must be completed in person. Each class is structured with a lecture, attunement, journey, and fire ceremony. If you feel a resonance with this and would like to inquire about registering, please feel free to contact me.

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