Co-creation of Reality

The time is now to embrace the seed.  The seed is the gift of the answer to the age old question: “Who am I?”  If we believe that as humans, we are created in the image and likeness of the One, the Whole, the Source (whatever that means to each of use, personally)then as such, we have been gifted the ability to co-create as well.  We have been created and in turn, we also create (sometimes alone on a personal level and sometimes collectively on a grander scale).

Every thought we have, every feeling we feel, and each vision we see contributes to the projection we are manifesting in this reality.  It’s all energy.  Our minds are like mini projector screens, displaying on the outside, what is manifest on the inside.  If you are resistant to this idea, challenge yourself to truly observe your inner state and your outter environment.  You might find the Truth: the inner always reflects the outter and the outter is reflected on the inner.

We can see this concept clearly when our mind is cluttered and our home or car is too.  When our mind is unorganized, our environment will reflect that chaotic state.  When our environments are clean and free of clutter, so too are our minds able to maintain organization, which allows for focused attention.  If you’re seeking a clearer mind or deeper focus, try cleaning up, rearranging, or clearing out your environment.

I’ve been blessed with two opportunities for realizing this lesson this week.  In one scenario, I am driving home from a difficult appointment with one of my children.  There were some unexpected things which occurred throughout the course of the appointment which destabilized the mind and emotional field of my child.  The child was upset, frustrated, and angry.  The child also felt out of control.  As we are driving home, I try and lighten the mood by playing music.  Right in front of us, I see a car in the right hand lane, attempting to switch lanes and nearly runs right into the car already in the left hand lane.  The person in the left hand lane immediately speeds up and rides the bumper of the person who has just entered his lane.  I then see him roll down his window, expose his arm and sticks his middle finger up (presumably at the “offending” driver).  All the while I am completely lucid and aware that this is no coincidence.

Many people have little to no awareness about how their mental mind aspect is like a projector.  Take for example the offended driver.  He likely experienced a FFF activation in his body, which induces an autonomic fear response.  This autonomic fear response tells him his life is danger, which he translates to mean “I am under threat.”  His “go to” response becomes “fight” as evidenced by the aggressive driving.  He now attacks the other driver, projecting all of the fear and threat, all based on a story (or projection) he has created in his mind.  In Truth, from what I observed, his life was not actually in danger.  While the other car drove close to his, it never actually touched his car.  I have no way of knowing what was going on with the driver in the right lane.  Maybe he was on a cell phone  It’s possible he was not being mindful and failed to look over his shoulder before switching lanes.  Maybe there was a distraction in the car.  What I feel relatively confident about was that he did not set out or intend to start a war with the person in the left lane.  It was a mistake.  An accident. An oversight.  A miscommunication.

Funny enough, all of this is also true for my child’s experience at the appointment.  Communication between professional and child was not clear and things happened which were perceived by the child as an offense.  When someone perceives offense, the reactionary response is to defend.  Again, brain goes into FFF mode and we are prepared to do battle.  So all the while my child is sitting, stewing in and processing through thoughts and feelings about what just happened, it’s all playing out before us on the road.

Some may chalk it up to coincidence and that’s fine.  Wisdom is gained through experience.  Anything not of love is fear and anything based in fear is illusory. Projections are not real.  They are perceptions.  Perceptions are not Truths.  The Truth is eternal, static, and never changes.  Perceptions fluctuate, change, and are transitory or temporary.

Getting clear about the role our thoughts and emotions play in the creation of what we project outwardly is an important step in the evolutionary process.  When we can free ourselves of these (unconscious) projections, we naturally raise our vibrations.  As more and more individuals raise their personal vibration, this contributes to the raising of the collective vibration.

When we allow our thoughts and emotions to move through us, we begin to create a more pleasant experience for ourselves and those around us.  The human body was not created as a receptacle to hold onto stuff (baggage, emotions, memories, past, wounds).  It was created as a vessel or tool to move through things, or to allow things to move through us.  Learning to create this is a lifelong process.  Know that I am here to assist as needed!

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