Reading as a Path to Transformation

When I am feeling stuck in a rut, or like I’ve hit a plateau in life, I enjoy turning to books.  I read for pleasure (fiction) on occasion, however, I really enjoy reading non-fiction books about ways to improve.  I’ve read myriad books on different therapeutic approaches, parenting styles, best ways to discipline children, ways to incorporate mindfulness, how to resolve depression, how to astral travel, how to be more grateful, how to communicate with spirits, and so so many more.

Reading can certainly be an escape.  It can also be a useful tool.  When my clients don’t like to read, I suggest podcasts and audio books, which can be listened to while doing other things (like cleaning the house or driving).  Reading self-help books is a way to develop new tools.  Books can assist us in learning new things, discovering something about ourselves, or even opening up new doorways.

I asked some of my readers to submit their favorite books which relate to raising the vibration (meaning helping a person accelerate on their spiritual path), and here are some of their favorites, in no particular order:

A Course in Miracles

The Celestine Prophecy

Convoluted Universe (series)

The Surrender Experience

A New Earth

Take Me to Truth- Undoing the Ego

The Presence Process

The Secret

It Didn’t Start with You: How Inherited Family Trauma Shapes Who We Are & How to End the Cycle

The Body Keeps the Score

Getting Past Your Past

Next time you’re bored or feeling like you’re in a rut, pick up a book and let it transport and transform you!


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