Letting Go Through Ceremony

In modern society, it is easy to forget about or become disconnected from the natural rhythms of life.  Shiny distractions abound and unless we take conscious time and space to disconnect from technology and build an inner connection; we can feel lost, alone, and even depressed.

Most people notice the seasons change, in order to dress accordingly, but many of us aren’t taking the time to process the wisdom, information, knowledge, and experience we have gained with each passing season.  Perhaps a majority aren’t taking any time at all to really process anything.

I’m reading a fascinating book now called Cleaning Up Your Mental Mess by Carline Leaf.  In her book, she talks about how we will perish without food in three weeks, without water in three days, without breath in three minutes, but our brains/minds cannot go three seconds without a thought.  Think about that.  Every three seconds we are having a thought.  When we consider the fact that most of what we think is not in fact true, but rather opinions, judgments, and repetitions of what we have seen and heard; it’s astounding.

Our minds are inundated with data.  In times before, people had plenty of time to process all of the data they were inputting; thinking it over, writing about it, telling or acting out stories, and dreaming.  In modern society, we continually consume data without taking the time necessary to digest the information, to integrate it, apply it, and understand it.  This is wreaking havoc on individual and collective mental health and wellness.  We are a reflection of our planet and our planet is not thriving.  Nor is humanity, at the moment.

In our need for consumption, we grow further away from the connection our ancestors shared with the planet and all things animate.  We forget what it means to transition from one season to another.  To allow something to die off in acceptance and give birth to something newly created.  We forget what it means to truly hibernate, going within the depths of our own shadow; to look at and shine Light on that which terrifies us or that which we would prefer to keep hidden under the cover of darkness.  We forget what it means to let go of what was once a part of us, like the mighty tree does throughout the Autumn season.  We forget what it’s like to be the sunshine, illuminating and giving energy to ALL.

Today, I want to share the importance of ceremony.  Ceremony simply means doing something to honor or in honor of.  In essence, it is a right of passage.  We can participate in ceremony to honor a loved one who has passed.  In the same way, we can honor a relationship which has dissolved.  Ceremony can be a powerful tool, assisting in the development of the understanding needed, from any given situation, to grow, evolve, and move forward.  I’s an integration of the lesson learned.  Ceremony can provide closure.  Ceremony can be created to give birth (either to an actual physical baby or an idea or dream).  Ceremony can be used to initiate a new program, thought pattern, or behavior.

There are many ways to create a ceremony; some simplistic and some more complex.  Here is an example of a simple ceremony:

Simple Ceremony for Release:
1.) Spend time in contemplation and be clear about what it is you’re wanting to let go of.  For this example, we will use someone who is going through a divorce.  Let’s say in my contemplation, I realize I have been co-dependent and for my release I intend to let go of co-dependent traits or patterns of behavior.
2.) Write it down on a piece of paper.  For example, “I exchange this co-dependency for freedom.  Or I exchange my need to please with a newfound sense of independence.”
3.)  Light a fire in an appropriate, fire safe place (like a fireplace, firepit, or chimenea).
4.) Burn the paper and say a prayer of gratitude, cultivating a feeling, a sense, and an understanding that the intention has already been accomplished.

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