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I had never felt a shift like this in the vibration of my body before.  The first time I tried acupuncture, was about ten years ago.  I was on vacation with my family and someone suggested we go in for a treatment.  Curious about it, I decided to be treated.  I am happy I did!

The practitioner sensed that I worked with energy and he asked about my experience.  I talked about my journey through Reiki and how I treated people regularly.  He asked me how I disconnect my energy from others and I explained to him what I learned in my Reiki II class.  He indicated that my body needed more, something needed to shift, as I was picking up (and carrying) too much of what other people were sloughing off.  He gave me a new technique to try, which has worked so well, I still use it today.  (In fact, I now teach my own Reiki students during the level II class this very same technique).  Through this breakthrough acupuncture session, I realized how complimentary it is with Reiki and I set an intention to find someone local to work with.

For the ten years that followed, I received treatments on and off from a local acupuncturist.  It never ceased to amaze me how he always knew where I was experiencing an imbalance, without my having to speak one word about it.  I would lay on the table. needles jetting out of my body, my mind in the clouds, on a journey to peace and complete and total relaxation.  Even when my time was up, I could carry that peaceful easy feeling for a day or two.  The most difficult aspect of my acupuncture treatments here, was the pressure applied to “stuck”, “tense”, or “tight” areas in my head, neck, and back.  The sensation was so intense at times, I would lie there and weep.  I knew the process was releasing emotional energy I had stowed away in the cells of those muscles, so I allowed it and tried to breathe through it.  I was okay with this and always felt good leaving his office.  It’s what I needed during this frame of time.

Fast forward to present and a woman from California crosses my path.  She is an acupuncturist with soulful eyes and a big heart.  She offered me a treatment and I delighted in receiving.  Her office is out in the country, giving me plenty of time to decompress from the quick pace of my life at home and work in the city.  I could feel my heart opening as I saw all of the wildflowers in bloom.  The drive was lovely, in other words.  The scent of her office is intoxication and elevating.  I felt embraced by the warmth, safety, and sights of the room.  I explained to her my history and that I am in the middle of a cleanse.

On the table, her intuition led her to places I had long since forgotten on my body; which turned out to be warehouses of information, stored in the tension of the small muscles in my neck.  I could feel something profound shifting, though in the moment, I couldn’t quite grasp onto it.  I relaxed into the sensation, knowing and trusting that the answers always come when they need to come.  I was letting go of something deep.  Even through the intensity of sensation, I felt like I was floating.  I felt delighted, happy, and free leaving her office that day!  The sensation of bliss remained for a full two days following the treatment!

After about 48 hours, a deep soreness set in, which radiated from my neck down the left side and into my shoulder.  I decided to sit with the ache and allow it to tell me what’s there.  I dreamed on it.  I journaled about it.  I did some EMDR on it and then I meditated about it.  The revelation came in waves.  A current behavior I have been trying to break myself of, stemmed from a memory from childhood.  I had discovered the root cause, the original wound.  I was a thumb-sucker, long after it was “acceptable” or considered “normal”.  As a result, my caring and loving parents took me to an orthodontist and had a device installed in my mouth which prevented my from sucking my thumb.  It never occurred to me that I might have some unprocessed emotions about this, but I did.  My angst stemmed from feeling out control, like someone imposed something upon me without my consent, and I no longer had the ability to self soothe.  I realize my parents had my best interest at heart; they didn’t know to teach me alternative ways to self-soothe, or provide the soothing themselves.  So there was a younger part of me who felt completely neglected.  The closest chakra or energy center to the mouth is the throat/neck, which is where the energy/sensation of pain got locked up.

Once I experienced the realization, the pain nearly completely diminished.  I followed up by doing some soul retrieval work (reintegrating that part of me which felt separated off from the whole).  I no longer have the need for the current day habit because using EMDR I installed the adaptive cognitions which declare I am in control of my body.  I can self soothe in healthy ways.  I am capable.  ALL of this was made possible through the gateway of that acupuncture treatment!!

Acupuncture is so good for myriad issues, not just stress relief or emotional processing.  Some of the benefits include: decreasing anxiety, balancing the energy systems, pain relieving, headaches, morning sickness, ulcers, and high/low blood pressure.  Acupuncture works harmoniously with other interventions as well, such as therapy, Reiki, herbs/supplements, and many traditional medical treatments.  If you’re interested in a breakthrough or simply have a need for some deeply satisfying self care, I highly recommend Shannon Gonzales at 817-789-0517!!  Shannon is located in Azle.

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