Journey with Cacao


There are many both traditional, and untraditional paths to healing and personal growth/development.

Recently, a good friend and I traveled to Denver for some R&R.  We were looking for experiences where we could connect with our joy.  I definitely found mine on a journey with Cacao.

Cacao, yes, you’re reading that right.  It’s the fundamental building block to traditional chocolate, but closer to its original form.  It’s plant medicine.  Food for the soul.

Our host, Rachel, was an absolute delight.  My friend and I met up with her and two other participants in a tree lined park, blanketed in lush green grass.  Rachel had already laid out some yoga mats for us and in the center was her mesa (an altar).  She had pulled an angel card and proudly displayed some of her power items.

Rachel opened sacred space for us and we went straight into breathwork.  (Those of you who attend the full moon meditation this month will be able to sample some).  Surprisingly, the breathwork brought up some deep emotion for me, from some long lost reservoir well below the surface.  My mind was telling me falsehoods like, “This is too hard.  I can’t do this.”  I cried and in doing so, created space to delve beyond the inner voice, beyond the fear.

The Cacao was working it’s magic in me.  I could feel my lips start to tingle.  I could feel the energy swelling within and around my chest.  It felt expansive, like I could light up the cosmos if I could see the energy.  It was luminous.

The second round of breathwork I sank deeper and the process felt smoother.  I was in a zone.  The energy spread to my hands, feet, and luminous energy field (aka aura).  It felt like the first round of breathing cleared out the fear so that the second round could allow for the power of the plant medicine to move through.

After the breathwork, we laid down and prepared to take a journey.  Rachel was animating in her ability to guide us.  She used inflection in just the right places.  No doubt her Celtic ancestry had woven the tapestry of her words.

I went into a cave, travelling through a portal in the doorway.  My body immediately dissolved and I was pure consciousness.  I was guided to a fire, where I met four spiritual beings.  I saw an eagle, Mary, Archangel Raphael, and Archangel Metatron.  I looked up from the beings and observed thousands of stars upon the roof of the cavern.  There were also some writings, which AA Metatron deciphered for me.  It was a series of sacred geometrical shapes and patterns which created a message.  He informed me “these are [my] roots and it’s time to study (again).”  I then jumped on the back of eagle, who flew me up and into the actual cosmos.  He assured me I can truly trust myself and have absolutely nothing to fear.  Simultaneously, I could feel pain moving through my body.  (I’d been feeling intense pressure near my right Achilles’ heel all day.  It had finally popped right before the ceremony)

I felt the pain move up from my heel into my thigh, then into my lung, then to the top of my head, where it became like a long rope.  I saw myself pulling the rope from the top of my end, until there was nothing left.  (I put the rope into the fire, in case anyone is wondering!) Through the process, I realized that fear and confusion had been my “Achilles heel”. Eagle further explained to me that I take in “too much” information and allow undue influence at times.  Further, he added when I listen to my heart and focus on my work, everything is crystal clear, as it should be.  I was informed that whatever a conscious being believes IS the reality for that being; therefore it is of the utmost importance to be choosy about beliefs.

I returned to the fire overwhelmed by gratitude.  I then made my way back into my body.  The warmth in my heart radiated out around me.  I felt the purity of unconditional love surrounding me.  Again, I wept in awe at the beauty.

After the ceremony, Rachel kindly pulled a tarot card for each of us individually.  Mine was the 7 of Cups which is all about having too many choices and the need to narrow things down and focus (which re-affirmed the message I received during the journey).  It’s all about abundance.

The intention I set for myself at the very beginning of the ceremony was to know myself, to experience unconditional love and feel prosperous.  I believe that is exactly what I co-created here.  I feel completely blessed by this experience and share it to inspire others to take up opportunities to experience the power of plant medicine.  There is a wide array of different kinds of plant medicine.  In order to discover what is best for you, try journeying with the plant and asking.  Or directing yourself to dream with the medicine.  Oftentimes it is not just us who chooses the medicine, but the medicine who chooses us.

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