Getting Out of a Rut

I always know I’m in some sort of a rut when I’m not writing.  Writing is my passion.  I do some of my best and deepest processing through writing, whether it be in my personal journal, through my blog, or writing these newsletters.

Being in a rut and not doing what makes our heart and soul feel alive, can keep us stagnated, energetically.  Some call this “analysis paralysis”; when we are thinking and not actually doing.  When we are not doing for long enough, we lose our motivation and that energetic push needed to create or manifest.

Recently, I had a major realization while sweeping the kitchen, of all things.  There is something very meditative about the back and forth motion, holding a broom.  I was lost in thought about my daughter, who is elbow deep in writing essays for college.  She has been struggling with writer’s block and I feel helpless knowing there isn’t much I can do, other than offer support and words of encouragement (which at times she cannot even believe because of the swirl of negative thoughts).  Naturally, it feels difficult.

As I moved the broom, rhythmically back and forth, I began to notice how I have not been writing regularly either.  When I examined the “why”, I started to realize I have been feeling that same sense of writer’s block” as well.  When I don’t have anything interesting to write about, I don’t write.  The longer the period of writer’s cramp, the easier it becomes to be out of that flow.  But, out of that flow, feels like separation and one can get lost and feel alone in that space.

I started to wonder if because we are all connected, as a family unit (and cosmically in general), whether my own block has been impeding my daughter’s ability to create, like we all know she can.  All of a sudden, it was like a tear occurred in the fabric of reality, and the entire message of this newsletter started pouring forth.  My hypothesis is that my writing this newsletter and reconnecting with you all (and my Self), will jump start the creative process for my daughter.  (I’ll keep you posted!)

I’ve read about this concept before.  Writer Elizabeth Glibert describes it beautifully in her book, Big Magic.  Many artists are familiar with this concept.  It’s like there is an invisible realm we, as humans, have the ability to tap into.  Tapping into it, leads to creative inspiration.  Being in the flow.  The magic is there, whether we tune in and utilize it or not.

The following are some tips for reactivating your creative spark following a rut:

1.) Recognize you’re in a rut and are feeling stifled creatively.  (If we don’t know there is a problem, how can we develop a resolution?)

2.)  Believe in a Realm of Possibility and learn to attune yourself to it.  (Meditation, breathwork, and being in Nature can help with this process)

3.) Take action.  (It’s not enough to be a dreamer.  Sure, creative inspiration always starts with a dream.  To actually birth a dream, or manifest, we have to take action.  Nothing can be created without someone doing something.)

4.)  Have an accountability partner or group.  If we worry we cannot or will not achieve a goal, we can enlist a good friend or family member to help us, through compassionate inquiry (meaning asking from a place grounded in compassion as opposed to interrogation).

5.) Solar plexus deficiency can lead to analysis paralysis and lack of Will or motivation for taking action.  So, doing exercises (kriya, qi gong, or yoga) which help to strengthen the solar plexus chakra can be very beneficial.

6.) Do something different.  If your current situation has you feeling in a rut, do something different.  Change up the routine or add something new to the routine.  Clean out a drawer in your house or work space.  Even taking a different route somewhere can have the power to generate a shift.

Most importantly, we all need to understand everything is energy and everything is interconnected.  My daughter’s writers block mirrors to me what is stuck within myself.  If I change, I can generate the energy to assist her change as well.  This is a gentle process, never forced.

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