Letting Go of Regret

Everyone having a life on Earth experiences regret at some point in time, for something they did, or didn’t do.  Regret, as an energy, keeps us paralyzed and unable to move forward (think freeze mode in the FFF).  It leads to rumination, where the mind thinks about the situation over and over again, wasting countless hours of time and energy on something from the past which cannot be changed, no matter how much we think about it.  Thinking about things we cannot control won’t actually change anything.  Over time, unresolved thoughts and feelings of regret can lead to symptoms of anxiety and depression.  It can lower our self esteem as well.

No one here lives a life of perfection (despite some of our best efforts)!  Life is a journey of pitfalls and achievements.  Wisdom stems from what we gain through our pitfalls, fueled by the energy that comes from our triumphs!  We must have both to live a balanced life.

The important thing to learn on this journey through life is how to process through the pitfalls, learn the lesson and move on.

When we are successful in our ability to process and move on, we are no longer in resistance.  Karmically, then, the problem or issue ceases to persist.

Here are some tips for letting go of regret:

1.) When a problem arises, face it head on.  Journal about feelings or talk with someone you trust about it.  Then leave it be.  Close the book, end the conversation, and let it be released from the mind.

2.) Use EMDR of EFT to process through the event and desensitize the body to the experience of the emotional/energetic charge it created.

3.) Use The Forgiveness Prayer or another method of forgiveness to forgive yourself and/or the other, which helps in the process of letting go.

4.) Remind yourself that everyone is the same as you….(a soul in a body,) having a journey of life on Earth, making mistakes, seeking forgiveness, and trying to learn and do/be better.

5.) Reorient awareness to present moment through a grounding technique or mindfulness.  Focus on today and let yesterday go.

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