Digestion & Integration

I had the good fortune to travel out of town over the weekend with my husband, sans kids, for some much needed rest and relaxation. On the day we left, I was doing my yoga practice and while lying on the floor in shivasana, I started thinking about life and the meaning of life.

I thought about how life is comprised of a series of events, which are filtered through our minds/brains and subsequently interpreted. I thought about how many people seek counseling when they feel “stuck” in life. I thought about how feeling stuck stems from an inability to digest and integrate our experiences.

When we aren’t able to properly digest and integrate our experiences, these experiences (or the translation of the experiences) can get distorted. For example, if I am thinking negative thoughts about a situation, I will perceive it as a “negative” event, whereas if I can maintain positive or at least neutral thoughts about any given experience, I can open my perception to maintain a positive attitude about or interpretation of the same event,

Every day, we have a series of experiences. When our brains and minds are digesting and integrating, we feel like we can manage well. As soon as we stop the digestion/integration process, we feel overwhelmed, out of control, and we can actually become physically sick.

Digestion and integration involveĀ the absorption of the lessons we are learning through our experiences, and taking it a step further, gratitude for everything and everyone showing up, regardless of how we perceive the interactions. Digestion and integration are facilitated in many ways. The following is a list. Try something new if it calls to you:

-Dreaming and analyzing the dream
-EMDR therapy
-Medicine journey with an excellent guide
-Moving your body (walking, swimming, stretching, yoga, etc)
-Bilateral music

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