Reorienting- It’s what we have to do sometimes in life, in work, in relationships.

I’m sitting in a hammock on the dock near sunrise. The lake is nearly calm, but for the surfacing turtles and jumping fish causing minor ripples. I notice the hammock obstructs my view ever so slightly and I adjust my own body, so that my main view is where the fish are jumping the most.

I think about how we have to do the same thing consistently throughout life. This is medicine of the eagle/condor of the Munay Ki. When we see/feel/experience a blockage in our perspective, there is a need to shift or pivot. Like the eagle/condor, we shift to an elevated perspective, we take in more of the view and if we’re fortunate, we see/feel/experience things we didn’t previously.

I know that what helps me most is self care. When I ensure I am nurtured (by me, for me); I’ve got all the gas I need to make as many changes as life puts forth on my path. Personally, I create nourishment for myself through exercise, healthy food, time to write in my journal, reading books, reiki, kundalini yoga, cacao ceremonies, acupuncture, massage, and time outdoors.

A human life on Earth requires an adjustment to our vision ever so often. A pivot. A step back. A new perspective. This is what the winged-ones’ realm shows us- new vantage points, allowing us sight of the things we’ve missed, overlooked, or weren’t aware of. For me, this discovery has primarily come through Reiki, the 9 Rites of the Munay Ki, and mindfulness in general.

I know I can always make an adjustment, see through the eyes of eagle/condor and develop the awareness I seek (or even just a more atheistically pleasing view) and you can too! What are you noticing in your life that you weren’t aware of before? Drop me a reply; I’d love to hear from you!

Have a wonder-filled Thursday!

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