Working with the Inner Child

This is a continuation of the Shadow Part message from a few weeks ago. I went into detail about ego parts and how they are formed and affect us throughout our lifetimes. Another part most people haven’t integrated fully is the Inner Child part. The Inner Child tends to hold all of the wounds from childhood (generally at the age at which a trauma occurred). The Inner Child can sometimes become the protector which can lead to hypervigilance and/or emotional reactivity as an adult.

Important therapeutic work in adulthood can be healing and integrating the Inner Child part. Nearly every person I work with (in therapy) does some sort of connecting with the Inner Child. I follow a therapist called the.holistic.psychologist on IG and she recently put out this meditation for healing the Inner Child. I’m passing it along as yet another resource for growth and development. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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