There are several really great online summits occurring in the next few weeks. One is the Holistic Healer’s Summit. Last week, I heard one of David Berceli’s student’s speak. David Berceli developed a protocol for releasing trauma from the body using a series of simple exercises that nearly every person can achieve.

His protocol, TRE (Trauma Release Exercise) assists by activating the body’s innate organism which causes the body to shake or tremor, thereby releasing energy stored in the central nervous system. This is the innate organism which is observable in nature, when a prey animal avoids a predator, shakes the body, and goes about it’s business.

I’ve heard other speakers talk about just how much debris a human person can pick up (energetically) in their energy field and physical body, which is why it’s important to consistently clear. We pick up energies from other people as well as places/environment. The way we clear generally involves moving the body.

Check out these informational videos, which explain the process step by step. Watch the first one first. The second one contains a series of exercises, which you’re also welcomed to try on the days where you have more time. He cautions people to try this for a maximum of 15 minutes every other day when first beginning, in order to give the nervous system time to completely reset before starting again. Keep a journal nearby and note any thoughts, feelings, memories, or sensations that comes up.

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