Tips for Working Through Seasonal Affective Disorder

  Seasonal Affective Disorder is defined by the Mayo Clinic as "a type of depression that's related to changes in seasons and begins and ends at about the same time each year."  Symptoms of SAD can include feelings of depression, loss of interest, changes in weight or appetite, difficulty sleeping, increased irritability, low energy, difficulty with concentration, and even suicidal ideation. ...[ read more ]

Grief Support During the Holidays

Grief can sometimes feel exacerbated throughout the holiday season.  2020 seems to have been particularly difficult for many people.  We often grieve more than the loss of the important people in our lives.  We also grieve the loss of pets, jobs, dreams, relationships, home environments, and more.  This year, additionally, many are experiencing the loss of health, loss of freedom,...[ read more ]

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