Attuning to Nature

“Oh winds of change, come blow straight through.  I don’t resist.  Only persist and shift right along with you.”

There are many ways to attune to Nature.  I’ve heard many a shaman speak of whispers of insight and wisdom coming to them via the conduit of wind.  I never experienced it myself until recently.  I had the good fortune of traveling to Oklahoma with my family.  We spent nearly the entire weekend outdoors, in the cold, crisp, mountain air.  It was invigorating.

I felt like an explorer of an unknown, undiscovered realm.  We were alone on most of the trails.  It seems 30 degree ambient temperature keeps most people indoors!  The river had frozen over, which was delightful for play and exploration.  The sound the skipping stones made reverberating off the frozen surface in the center of the canyon truly sounded intergalactic.  Under the surface of the ice, we could see plants seemingly frozen in space/time.  Yet simultaneously, even further below, the riverbed was teeming with life- mostly crawfish and minnows.

I’ve always known in my heart that I need Nature.  I have plenty of time outdoors in the Beauty of our backyard.  I have always appreciated the flowers, stones, trees, squirrels, peacocks/hens, hawks, kites, owls, and hummingbird who are frequent visitors.  Even the bats at dusk, flying in their erratic patterns have enamored me.  Yet, there is something even more special about the wild aspects of Nature uninterrupted by the sounds of the city and the clamoring chaos of collective energies.

Nature does wonders for the brain.  Humans need the rhythmic, repetitive, patterned, predictable that Nature provides.  It’s calming and soothing to the mind, body, and spirit.  All three need to be in harmony for a person to be balanced and feel good.

Going in to the trip, I’d been hemming and hawing over a decision I was making regarding the business.  Mind you, I’d already muscle tested and dreamed, therefore knowing what the answer was.  Yet, still I doubted.  I prayed for a tangible, “Earthly confirmation” as a sign or representation of this “yes” answer.  I intended to Spirit a yes would be represented by a white feather, while a no would be a red rock.

Hiking up Elk Mountain, it was chilly and cool.  The view was vast and I felt like I could feel the knowingness of why shaman love the apus (spirits of the mountains).  I asked my family to go on and leave me halfway up so I could enjoy some quiet time and give myself an opportunity to get clear.  I didn’t even have to think about it.  The wind kicked up, and I knew the spirits were whispering “Yes, yes, yes, do it.  What are you waiting for?  Why are you second-guessing this decision.?  This will be life-changing and you are ready.”

My family returned about an hour later and we journeyed down together.  That afternoon, outside the place we were staying, I noticed about a hundred white feathers (honestly it looked like a bird had been massacred, but there was no blood, body, or any evidence of death, only hundreds of feathers, pure white, big and small).  The feather I found and kept for my mesa is imperfect, as a representation of that aspect of life, and me, myself.  Even after everything I’ve been through and know through the wisdom of my own experiences, I sometimes doubt myself.  Now, I know that being in Nature is imperative.  It’s where I feel most connected.  Where Spirit communicates with impeccable clarity.  Plan to spend some solitary time outdoors this week and see what comes up for you.

Have a wonder-filled Thursday!

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