Accelerated Resolution Therapy

Happy Thursday, everyone! I’m happy and grateful to announce that I attended A.R.T. training this weekend and am able to now offer A.R.T. sessions!

If you’re not familiar with ART- it stands for Accelerated Resolution Therapy. I liken it to EMDR on steroids! The quote they use to describe it is “Keep the knowledge, lose the pain.” The process is considered sacred and all clinicians have to sign a non-disclosure. As a result, I cannot speak on the process, but can tell you about the therapy and how it works to resolve trauma quickly. I can also tell you about my experience with it.

ART uses eye movements (solely) to assist the brain in moving into a theta state. Theta state activates the parasympathetic nervous system or the “rest and digest”. It feels very soothing and calming to be moving your eyes (even though I realize that sounds weird!) The REM in addition to the protocol allows for memory consolidation to occur while simultaneously desensitizing the body of feelings and sensations.

I began offering it to clients this week and am already seeing dramatic results! The training included an experiential practicum where I was able to practice conducting the therapy, as well as being a client. As a client going through the process, it felt a lot like being in a lucid dream. Initially, some of the sensations moving felt overwhelming and I did cry the first time. The tears didn’t last long and my brain knew exactly what to do to move the sensations through. It was remarkable how quickly my brain was able to sort information and catalogue it somewhere. I literally can barely recall the memories I was even working on! And now, reflecting back, I feel nothing but good vibes and positivity associated with them!

When I say it’s like a lucid dream, you’re awake and aware, and yet completely relaxed. You know you have the power and ability to change things and you can feel that as it’s happening in real time. It’s kind of hard to explain. In this theta state, it’s easy to connect with the parts of self that are integrated and know exactly what the brain needs.

Some things to note about ART. It’s designed to activate the right hemisphere of the brain, so there is very little verbal processing, which is good for people who don’t want to have to “think” about their trauma. The lack of much verbal processing also allows for the process to keep moving forward. Many people can move through a singular target in an hour or two. The trick is, not to think about anything at all, but let the brain do what it needs to do to rebalance. To do that, the logical/thinking mind needs to go “offline”, hence the dream-like quality of the experience!

When I was going through the process, both times as a client, I experienced a massive heart opening and could feel energy moving throughout my body. I woke up and the feelings and sensation sustained. The images were blurry and/or disappeared altogether. I even obtained some visual imagery tools I have been using since, which my brain just knew to create!

These sessions tend to run longer and as such, most insurance companies won’t cover anything outside of the original hour. I am now seeing people in person for ART sessions. If you’re a new client, or haven’t been in in a while, we would book a 90 minute session. If you’re a current client who has been doing EMDR and want to shift to ART, I think we can manage within the scope of an hour, just because if you’re doing EMDR, your brain is already primed.

Please let me know if you have questions about ART and/or would like to schedule an appointment!

I know the importance of integration so I spent some time following through on something that came through in one of my sessions. I connected with my artistic side, who mentioned I need to carve out more time to create, draw, and write as these things provide a flow state, which leads to me feeling balanced and happy. The picture is one I drew as part of my integration after the first session I had!

I am in the process of updating my website, so when all of the changes are complete, I’ll provide a link so y’all can check it out!

Have a wonder-filled Thursday!


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