Over a year ago, I had my first intentional journey with psychedelics (as part of a 50 hour training in order to learn assist my clients through their own experiences). In the journey, I had a vision of a tiger, who provided an opportunity to merge and move as tiger moves. Initially, I only saw the eye of the tiger....[ read more ]

First Ketamine Journey

While attending the Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy training in California, participants had the option of doing two different journeys with the medicine. In preparation, we had to spend time in contemplation in order to set an intention. We also had to fast for about 4 hours (the medicine can induce vomitingĀ in sensitive individuals, so it's best to abstain from eating for...[ read more ]

Psychedelic Integration

The extent of my personal experience with psychedelics is quite shallow and limited to a handful of times with MDMA back in the day. Since that time, however, I have been very interested in the use and application of psychedelics as a healing modality. I've satiated my curiosity through the years by following the major studies being published. My interested...[ read more ]

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