Putting the Past in the Rearview

I'm taking a break from all the ketamine speak to write about something I saw this week, which I feel is relevant and interesting to think about. I was sitting at a traffic light earlier in the week and I observed a person riding a hybrid electric bike across a cross walk. As he was going by, a gust of...[ read more ]

Letting Go of Regret

Everyone having a life on Earth experiences regret at some point in time, for something they did, or didn't do.  Regret, as an energy, keeps us paralyzed and unable to move forward (think freeze mode in the FFF).  It leads to rumination, where the mind thinks about the situation over and over again, wasting countless hours of time and energy...[ read more ]

Letting Go Through Ceremony

In modern society, it is easy to forget about or become disconnected from the natural rhythms of life.  Shiny distractions abound and unless we take conscious time and space to disconnect from technology and build an inner connection; we can feel lost, alone, and even depressed. Most people notice the seasons change, in order to dress accordingly, but many of us aren't...[ read more ]

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