Vision Boards as a Tool for Growth

November is a great month for reflection.  The spirit of gratitude surrounds us, providing the opportunity for high vibrational contemplation. When we contemplate our accomplishments for the year and express gratitude for those opportunities, it opens our hearts to the universal flow of abundance.  In order to create abundance, we must first align ourselves with the universe.  An easy way...[ read more ]

The Importance of Gratitude

November is a month infused with abundance and gratitude.  For farmers and gardeners, harvest takes precedence.  The human experience is all about learning.  We are students of this planet, of this life.  We each have various goals and opportunities to learn, grow, and evolve. One way to learn, grow, and evolve is by raising our personal vibration.  When we raise...[ read more ]


  We've all experienced projection at one time or another.  No one is immune, thanks to the Ego presence.  It's been a common theme popping up both personally and professionally this week, so it feels like the perfect time to address it! According to Psychology Today, projection is defined as, "the process of displacing one’s feelings onto a different person,...[ read more ]

Discovering Dissociation

In my dream, I am a passenger in a car and someone, a male, is driving us up a steep, windy road.  It's dark outside, and the road is only illuminated by our headlights, directly in front of us.  I observe that the road is made of wooden planks, laid vertically out before us, only as wide as our car....[ read more ]

Restful Sleep

As the election approaches and with a blue (full) moon on the horizon, stress levels are increasing both individually and therefore collectively.  One of the first things we lose when we're feeling stressed is sleep.  The reason this happens, is because stress activates the FFF (Fight, Flight, Freeze) response in the body.  When this happens, the oxygen leaves the brain...[ read more ]

Centering the Mind & Body

Centering brings focus and attention to the present moment. Where are awareness goes, our energy flows. October is a great month to carve out time for self care. It's right before we head into holiday season, which tends to be a stressful time of year for most people. This year perhaps even more so due to the pandemic. People are...[ read more ]

Rooting Out Judgments & Beliefs

Wishing everyone blessings for the transition to Autumn!!  The Equinox was September 22nd and it is starting to feel like Autumn where we are! As the leaves start to die off, and the outter landscape changes, so too, does our inner landscape rearrange as well.  Let the falling leaves be a reminder that it's ok to let go, to let things...[ read more ]

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