Accelerated Resolution Therapy

Happy Thursday, everyone! I'm happy and grateful to announce that I attended A.R.T. training this weekend and am able to now offer A.R.T. sessions! If you're not familiar with ART- it stands for Accelerated Resolution Therapy. I liken it to EMDR on steroids! The quote they use to describe it is "Keep the knowledge, lose the pain." The process is considered...[ read more ]

How to Be the Love You Seek (A Review)

Today I want to discuss Dr, Nicole LePera's new book, How to be the Love You Seek. This book is full of practical tips and exercises to get to know yourself more intimately. Through that knowingness, we can learn to love ourselves and through that self love, we become the love (internally) we have always been seeking (externally). Everything about...[ read more ]


There are several really great online summits occurring in the next few weeks. One is the Holistic Healer's Summit. Last week, I heard one of David Berceli's student's speak. David Berceli developed a protocol for releasing trauma from the body using a series of simple exercises that nearly every person can achieve. His protocol, TRE (Trauma Release Exercise) assists by activating...[ read more ]

Working with the Inner Child

This is a continuation of the Shadow Part message from a few weeks ago. I went into detail about ego parts and how they are formed and affect us throughout our lifetimes. Another part most people haven't integrated fully is the Inner Child part. The Inner Child tends to hold all of the wounds from childhood (generally at the age...[ read more ]


Over a year ago, I had my first intentional journey with psychedelics (as part of a 50 hour training in order to learn assist my clients through their own experiences). In the journey, I had a vision of a tiger, who provided an opportunity to merge and move as tiger moves. Initially, I only saw the eye of the tiger....[ read more ]

The Shadow is something many fear and a big factor in why some people won't delve into the world of dreams, plant medicine, or psychedelics. What is the Shadow? To know the Shadow, we have to know about the inner workings of the psyche. Whenever we go through stressful, challenging, or traumatic events in life, parts of our ego can...[ read more ]

Summer Solstice

Happy Summer Solstice! This is my favorite day of the year, as it represents the Light lengthening the day to the point where there is more daylight than night time. Symbolically, it represents illumination. (Have you seen the Schumann readings the past few days?!!) I was on IG this morning and saw this post by a therapist I follow. It...[ read more ]


  Reorienting- It's what we have to do sometimes in life, in work, in relationships. I'm sitting in a hammock on the dock near sunrise. The lake is nearly calm, but for the surfacing turtles and jumping fish causing minor ripples. I notice the hammock obstructs my view ever so slightly and I adjust my own body, so that my main...[ read more ]

Digestion & Integration

I had the good fortune to travel out of town over the weekend with my husband, sans kids, for some much needed rest and relaxation. On the day we left, I was doing my yoga practice and while lying on the floor in shivasana, I started thinking about life and the meaning of life. I thought about how life is...[ read more ]


+ This weekend past, I had the absolute joy and pleasure of attending a Tantra retreat with a friend/colleague. I'd set an intention going into the retreat, to simply experience love and something new. I felt excited as we arrived and checked into this large, magnificent, cozy, raw, wooden lodge (I later learned the owner's son completely built the place...[ read more ]

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