Spirituality in Relationships

It might be said that the most complicated aspect of life as a human involves relationships.  When our relationships are great, they're great, and when they're not, they're not.  The people we are in relationships with have the potential to be our greatest, most profound teachers, if only we have ears to hear and eyes to see. I am reading A...[ read more ]

Attuning to Nature

"Oh winds of change, come blow straight through.  I don't resist.  Only persist and shift right along with you." There are many ways to attune to Nature.  I've heard many a shaman speak of whispers of insight and wisdom coming to them via the conduit of wind.  I never experienced it myself until recently.  I had the good fortune of...[ read more ]

Muscle Testing as a Form of Divination

  Many of you have probably heard of muscle testing.  Many of my clients see practitioners (such as functional medicine specialists, chiropractors, and integrative physicians/practitioners) who perform muscle testing on prescription medications, supplements, essential oils, deodorants, or other "things" a human might want to use to improve upon wellness.  I, myself, learned how to muscle test many years ago and...[ read more ]

Releasing with EMDR

Ever the optimist, I hold a vision of the future where children are taught the healing arts at the elementary school level and everyone on this beautiful planet has access to the tools required for human growth, development, and evolution. One of the tools accessible to all today, is a type of therapy called EMDR.  EMDR was discovered in the...[ read more ]

Thoughts About Thoughts

Thoughts can quite literally make or break someone from the inside out.  Thoughts can lead to emotional bliss, or complete and utter emotional devastation.  The point is, our thoughts create our emotional state of being.  When thoughts are positive and vibing high, the feeling body follows and we feel good.  In turn, when thoughts are low an negative, emotions will be experienced as dense...[ read more ]

Winter Solstice

Merry Winter Solstice to you all!  I hope this blog post finds you well, soft in mind, warm in heart, gentle in spirit.  The Winter Solstice is my favorite day of the year.  This year seems to be particularly auspicious with the numerology being 12/21/21.  The Winter Solstice marks the first day of winter, which signals our journey into hibernation....[ read more ]

Tips for Working Through Seasonal Affective Disorder

  Seasonal Affective Disorder is defined by the Mayo Clinic as "a type of depression that's related to changes in seasons and begins and ends at about the same time each year."  Symptoms of SAD can include feelings of depression, loss of interest, changes in weight or appetite, difficulty sleeping, increased irritability, low energy, difficulty with concentration, and even suicidal ideation. ...[ read more ]

Heart Connection

The heart seems to be coming up a lot this month.  Perhaps it's because much of the world continues to be focused on collective "virus" which impacts the heart/lungs.  Maybe it's because many of us are focused on gratitude throughout the month of November, which indeed expands the heart space.  It could even be that the heart holds more intelligence...[ read more ]

Presence of Mind

Nearly everyone I see these days is complaining of an overactive mind.  They seek ways to reduce the anxiety it causes.  I recall once reading that humans cannot go without food (or will perish) for three weeks, water for three days, breath for three minutes, but thinking- three seconds. Chew on that.  The mind is bringing up a thought every three...[ read more ]

Serving Self to Serve Others

People pleasing is a theme that's coming up and causing quite a stir this week.  People pleasing is the idea that one person has to bend to the Will of another in other to keep the other person happy, content, quiet, satiated, etc.  Most of the time this is an unspoken, unwritten rule in relationships.  In other words, person 1 isn't saying...[ read more ]

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