Many many moons ago, I worked for a child placing agency. My job was to go into the homes of prospective foster/adoptive families and interview them to ensure they had what it takes to provide safe homes for children in foster care. One time, I was interviewing a woman who said something I still remember vividly to this day. When...[ read more ]

Fear Spreads

  Fear as a concept has been coming up for me (and my clients) lately. During the Cacao Ceremony over the weekend, I prepared by drawing a card to add to the display. The card coming up was Waterfall (Effortless). (This is the second week straight this card has come up for me in Cacao!) We did some breathwork and...[ read more ]

Thoughts on Boundaries

I hope all of the parents and school teachers out there are adjusting well to "Back to School". We are all gearing up for the shift in seasons (from summer to autumn). The one thing constant in life is certainly change! Today I want to talk about boundaries, because it's been coming up a lot lately, both personally and professionally....[ read more ]

Reflections from the Good Vibrations Retreat (Medicine Park, OK)

Together with my friend, Christie, I was able to give birth to a dream of hosting a retreat. We had two cabins, side by side, in the hills of Medicine Park, OK. The sun was shining, it was hot and arid, and we had a nice breeze, being at a higher elevation. Further, we were blessed with a cold front...[ read more ]

Managing Grief

  Happy Thursday and Merry Summer Solstice (I know, I'm late- it was the 21st!)!!! The Summer Solstice is the brightest day of the year (it's the longest as well). From this point on (at least in the Northern Hemisphere, we will begin incrementally returning to the dark days of Winter. The Summer Solstice is a time of celebration and...[ read more ]

First Ketamine Journey

While attending the Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy training in California, participants had the option of doing two different journeys with the medicine. In preparation, we had to spend time in contemplation in order to set an intention. We also had to fast for about 4 hours (the medicine can induce vomiting in sensitive individuals, so it's best to abstain from eating for...[ read more ]

Putting the Past in the Rearview

I'm taking a break from all the ketamine speak to write about something I saw this week, which I feel is relevant and interesting to think about. I was sitting at a traffic light earlier in the week and I observed a person riding a hybrid electric bike across a cross walk. As he was going by, a gust of...[ read more ]

Psychedelic Integration

The extent of my personal experience with psychedelics is quite shallow and limited to a handful of times with MDMA back in the day. Since that time, however, I have been very interested in the use and application of psychedelics as a healing modality. I've satiated my curiosity through the years by following the major studies being published. My interested...[ read more ]

Soul Reintegration & Ketamine

This year has been a time of great acceleration for me. I apologize for not keeping up with my weekly newsletter. I intend to keep up with it at least for the next few months, as I have a lot to share with you all! I recently attended a training in California where I learned Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP). Ketamine...[ read more ]

Calming the Vagus Nerve

By now, most of you are probably familiar with the FFF or Fight, Flight, Freeze response in the body. It's our internal alarm, which prepares the body in the event it needs to take life saving measures. Also known as the survival mechanism, the FFF activates autonomically when a danger or threat is perceived. (For more information on the FFF, please...[ read more ]

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